Virtual conversation with Carl Sagan

Here is a small sample of a book I try to write. I write in Swedish but may translate the entire book when completed. The translation is made in Google Translate, and perhaps contains the bit errors. The book has the working title ”Det Goda Trollet”, which means ”the good troll.”



The main character has recurring dreams of a future city driven by abundant and where people live in paradise. Just in this part decides he and a city dweller, Lisa, walking into the city center. During the walk, Lisa suggests that they can have a virtual Mind Clone do they joined …

”Mind Clone?” Tommy exclaimed, ”What is that?”

”Honestly I do not know exactly how that works but …” Lisa scratching his hair so it gets a little messy, ”But imagine that you take a copy of your brain, the memories, the way you reason, everything you like and dislike. your whole personality as a digital copy. and then you let an avatar of some sort to download it, so it almost becomes a copy of you. ”

”Can we choose anyone?” Asks Tommy.

”No. We can just download MindClones that are based on people who have been dead for more than 25 years.”


”Apparently, so has the global consciousness decided that we humans need time to process our grief and regret.”

Lisa and Tommy come to a channel they can not get over. Lisa pressed his wrist. The tattooed snowflake blue flashes for a while and then turns green. In the middle of the channel is a bridge that now swings around so they can get over.

”Put on your glasses so we can look through the list of MindClones.” Says Lisa.

On the other side of the canal now see Tommy a lot of virtual people standing in a line. A person familiar Tommy back directly.

”Carl Sagan.” He says quietly, ”How is that possible?”

”Ok.”, Says Lisa, ”You mean he was with the black bushy hair and beige jacket.”

All other persons disappeared and continues projection of Tommy’s favorite astronomical. He does not move, but standing still with his arms crossed and a big smile on his face that his white teeth shining in the sunlight.

”But how can he see me?” Said Tommy eagerly, ”How will he be able to hear my questions?”

”Take off your glasses for a moment.” Lisa calls.

Tommy then see how a small ball-shaped drones flying and will place themselves where Carl Sagan had his head. The drone has two cameras as eyes, two microphones for ears and a speaker where his mouth should have been. Tommy takes his glasses again and see how the projection starts moving.

”Ah! We are like butterflies flitting around in one day and think it’s forever.” Says Carl and begins to go against Tommy, ”But it is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”

Tommy could not help but start laughing. He thought it was absolutely fantastic.

”The fact that people laughed at most geniuses do not prove that all that we laugh at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, the Wright brothers and the Fulton.”

Tommy stop laughing.

”But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown.”

Tommy turns to Lisa and said …

”He’s just running a lot of quotes. I thought he would … what’s it called … interact.”

”You mean just to be like us, talk about everything between heaven and Earth.”

When Lisa notices that Carl will quote one of his famous quotes, as she lifts a finger up in the air and say. ”Stop.”

Carl stops and starts looking around.

”I’m in the future.”, He says with a thoughtful voice, ”I had wanted to visit the ancient times instead.” He turns to Tommy. ”Did you hear about the Library of Alexandria?”

”Yes.” Tommy replies quickly, ”I saw a YouTube clip of you recently. When you went around in a computer-animated version of the library. You were wearing the same clothes then and now.”

Carl went to the canal and sat on a bench and seemed to sink into deep thought. Finally he straightened on his back and said …

”Can you visualize all the knowledge available on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, WordPress, Twitter and any other social media? Can you bring in all this knowledge?”

”No, that’s impossible!” Replied Tommy

”For a man it is impossible to read these books … billions of knowledge and billions and billions of experiences that people share.”

”But all is saved.” Tabs Lisa in ”The Global Consciousness saves everything in memory crystals that people do not have access to.”

”Yes I know.” Carl replies, ”It is placed in the secret caverns, both here on Earth and out there.” Carl pointing towards the sky. ”Out there, among the billions of asteroids in our solar system, the machines have been hidden knowledge for us. And I understand them. I had done the same if I was them.”

Suddenly Tommy that Carl is not at all real. He takes off his glasses and looks drone hover in the air. When he again takes on those he sees Carl looks at him and smiles. Then he says …

”You want to know how it feels to be a Mind Clone?”

Tommy nodded föväntansfullt.

”At first, I felt I was floating in a total darkness. I remember thinking that maybe I was dead and that my consciousness, in some strange seen, had survived beyond my lifeless body. For a moment I doubted my conviction that there is life after death. ”

Carl gets up and wraps his hand through the air and continues …

”But the light was lit up in my mind’s eye I saw the Planet Earth and all its beauty. Then the sound began to flow and I noticed that I regained my ability to speak.”

Carl holds his hands in front of him.

”Though I had not had any body. I was just a head. And that’s not all. The time had flown so long that many of my loved ones were no longer alive. I asked to re being left in humanity’s collective memory.”

Carl walk up to a robot that still stands and is waiting to be needed.

”But then my creator promised that I would be … transferred … into an artificial body. A body that could give me all your senses back. And then it felt immediately much more enticing. Then I could feel alive and involved . ”

Tommy takes off his glasses and see the little drone hovering where Carl has his head. When he takes his glasses back he says …

”But now you have no body?”

”Yes. But now you have just borrowed my last backup. My body wanders right now around on Mars. I lecture some astronomically interested young people in one of the colonies. I must say I was very worried about the final years of my real life . I found that there were signs that mankind would let the planet be a venus copy. So careless as we spewing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and unconsciously turned the planet into a greenhouse without hope of ever again be able to have life. ”

Now, Carl Sagan noticeably worried. But when he saw the city’s heart, the Tower of Babel. Immediately, he called up the surroundings with its radiant heart.

”Though it is clear that humanity managed to reverse this destructive spiral. Now it seems that Earth once booming. And if you’ll excuse me, I’ll actually take and visit this tower.”

Before Tommy time to prevent him starting Carl, fast speed, flying up and away to the city’s tallest building. Tommy turns against Lisa.

”But. He just took off. I have a lot of questions.”

”We can download him again if you want. You can use as many copies as you like.”

Lisa looks down the canal and see a boat that stops at a quay.

”Or we can take a boat out to the center.”

This was a small section of ”the good troll,” a book I’m writing, and hopefully it will be finished in November, 2016.



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