Imagine sitting on a rushing train.

This is a text inspired by a brave teenage girl who chose to schoolstrike for the climate just before the Swedish parliamentary elections in 2018.


… that you are on a train that rushed through the landscape for over 200 years.

Imagine you’re just a child and ask your parents,

”Where are we going?”

And they do not answer that they do not know but instead ask,

”What do you mean?”

”But we must have a destination, a terminal where the train stops and we can get off?”, You continue with naive persistence.

”Ha ha ha.” Laughs your parents, ”No, nobody steps off. You understand, the train does not stop. We increase the pace all the time. That’s our goal. It is called GROWTH. You understand when you grow older. ”

Imagine now that you are a child who does not satisfy you with the answer. Imagine you are a child who continues to investigate on her own. You are reading that in the last 200 years the number of people on the train has increased enormously. Some trolleys are luxurious and the people are doing well. And some is poor. You realize you live in one of the better wagons.

You also find out that some on the train have calculated that there may be a abyss further ahead and that we have to do something so that the train does not drive over the cliff.

Your parents also laugh at that and exclaim words such as ”Snowflake, tree hugger and growth opponents.”

Imagine that the more you read, the more it becomes clear that your parents do not know anything about the future. Not even the smartest people on the train can tell exactly what’s going to happen somewhere in the future.

Imagine that you are now looking forward to the track that the train is running on and all you see is a thick mist. At the same time, people shout, ”Increase the pace. Go faster. ”

It is natural for you to feel apprehensive. To suppress it, take the well-proven Cognitive Dissonans medicine. We all try to find explanations as to why what we do is right. Even though the train is running in fog, we imagine that we have a lot of time. We fool our self to think that those who control the train are in full control.

But the truth is, we do not know exactly what is on the track that this turbulent train is going on at an ever higher speed.

And it is irresponsible not to slow down.

We may not need to stop completely, but at least we should slow down to a speed that is sustainable. That’s something we should leave to our children, a sustainable world.




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