New E-Book

I just uploaded an e-book to smashwords.

It did not take more than three years for the global society to fall apart in what people in Sweden chose to call the great collapse. What it was called in other languages no Swedes know for all communication was abruptly interrupted on Good Friday 2029. In the years that followed humanity continued to struggle with worsening consequences of climate change, virus outbreaks, antibiotic-resistant bacteria, forest fires, floods, food shortages, continued technological decline and total economic collapse. But in the middle of all this, something happens that most people do not notice, robots become self-conscious. People in general do not understand how the smart robots can continue to function after the collapse and are surprised that the robots now suddenly demand to be treated with respect. And while people are trying to survive in an everyday life, that is more and more similar to the old agricultural society, the smarter robots are flourishing. Rumors that robots are building new cities are starting to spread among humans and that a select few people are being invited to these cities of abundance. Such an invitation is currently being delivered from the snow crystal city with a drone to a family in an independent area in the middle of the former country Sweden.


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