… but I’m not the only one.

I’m looking at the internet like it is a brain. And I am not alone. Tony Oursler is one. Tony Oursler has long been fascinated by the human brain. He is interested in artificial brains as well. A recurring question in his work is how the artificial intelligence we create with technology affects our biological mind. ”I’m […]

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You might call me a dreamer…

(Swedish below.) Every time new terrorist acts happen in the world, I remember the reason I started writing ”The Good Troll”. That’s when the terror struck in Paris, against Charlie Hebdo, January 2015. I then chose to write an letter to the editor in the free newspaper Metro. In my book I translated it to […]

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Only One Law. (Part 2)

No intelligent life, biological or mechanical, may allow the Earth and its inhabitants to come to harm due to one’s own or another’s actions, directly or indirectly.   Let us break it down.   Where do the superintelligent robots of the future draw the boundary of intelligent life? Perhaps, simply, when it can reason with […]

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MindClone for everyone

(In more language later in the text.)   MindClone to everyone. I’m already longing for the day I can sit and have long talks with Carl Sagan. I’m not talking about an after death experience, because I know that Carl Sagan died just before Christmas 1996. No, I’m talking about a relatively new technology called […]

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